UltraSafe can connect an RO Processor directly to any number of coolers in your office facility. This would eliminate the need to handle 5 gallon water bottles. Picture attached.oom Temperature/Cold Cooler: This is our most popular cooler option. This cooler uses our standard 5-gallon water bottle, and provides pure, refreshingly cold water on even the hottest days. This option is a simple way to keep great water on hand for your employees and customers in the office or for your family's enjoyment at home.

Hot/Cold Cooler: If you want your hot drinks to taste better, it's best to avoid chemical aftertastes or contaminants leached from the pipes through which your tap water flows, and this cooler is the perfect solution to that problem. It offers the same clear, cold water as our other coolers, in addition to hot, pure water for making tea, coffee, or hot chocolate (or whatever else suits you!) You'll get Crystal Mountain water, refreshing and pure, but heated to the perfect temperature for making your coffee or tea taste better than ever!


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