We care about the quality of the water that you and your family are consuming. In the year 2000, we started to develop a business that would make a difference in the lives of thousands of people. Extensive research led us to the health and wealth concept described herein.

It's more than just filters. Our goal is to install only high quality products that do exactly what our water testing equipment tell us is essential to provide our customers with purified potable water. Customer satisfaction is what drives our business.

We deal with the facts. Using our own testing equipment and the facilities at the Sask. Research Council, we are able recommend and install equipment that will give our customers a quality of water that did not exist previously. Some have lived with serious water problems for 30 or 40 years.

Today UltraSafe equipment is providing our households with crystal clear purified water. The market is strong all over Western Canada. With more then 40 years in marketing, retailing, and traditional business experience, plus an additional two years of planning and research made this business possible.

Testimonials from our customers tell the whole story. All we ask you to do is share this information with those you love and care about.

Our mission is to help educate our customers in the health benefits of drinking purified potable water; and at the same time to create awareness of the mounting body of knowledge being researched by health professionals, revealing the potential health risks of drinking water that is either untreated or chemically treated.

Our goal is to deliver the world's ultimate consumable water to customers everywhere. UltraSafe water is purified, delicious, safe and satisfying. We can't live without it! Satisfied customers everywhere are talkng about it and sharing the product with friends and people they love and care about.

A fair and lasting compensation plan rewards those you spread the word. It is our special way of saying "thank you". You set the pace..

We are commited to you. Whether your business building plans are modest or ambitious, Ultrasafe Water Solutions is here to grow with intregrity and service through the decades ahead. We have harnessed the leading technologies to bring you the finest of water purification equipment available. We are providing the leading edge in design and application of computerization to help you grow your business. All tied together, we modestly believe that we are the first of our kind in the world!

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